Cadely CARE Services (CCS) was approved for support coordination services in June 2019 by the Division of Developmental Disabilities to Care for All individuals with Respect and Empathy. The team at CCS are aware of the challenges that families face when caring for individuals with physical and mental health challenges.  Many members of our team are experienced health care professionals and parents to children that are challenged.   Our dedicated, diverse staff will assist you and your family in a proficient and effective manner to alleviate your uncertainties while making every effort to meet your unique needs.


It is our mission at Cadely CARE Services to Care for All individuals with Respect and Empathy.  We focus on the needs and goals of each individual as we compose a unique, personable plan for them.  We strive to empower the individual, family, and industry that we passionately served with exceptional service that will exceed their hopes and dreams.

Core Values

Our highly skilled and diverse team is committed to providing you and your family with expert assistance, ensuring that your uncertainties are addressed and your unique goals are met in an efficient and effective manner. You can rely on our dedicated staff to offer professional and friendly support throughout the process.

  • Mutual Respect

    We treat everyone with mutual respect, valuing the diverse perspectives that enrich our care community.
  • Compassion

    Our team approaches every interaction with compassion, offering not only assistance but also genuine understanding.
  • Individualized Goal Setting

    We work closely with you to set individualized goals, tailoring our support to help you achieve your unique aspirations.
  • Professionalism

    Our commitment to professionalism ensures that you receive expert assistance delivered with skill, integrity, and accountability.
  • Partnership

    We believe in forming partnerships with you and your family, working together to provide the best possible care and support.
  • Cultural Sensitivity

    Cultural sensitivity is at the core of our approach, ensuring that the service we provide respects and embraces your cultural background."